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A couple of months ago I decided to stop using 1Password to manage my passwords and instead migrated over to LastPass. I would say that 1Password is a very polished password manager, but it’s just too expensive overall if you’re like me and use both Windows and Mac regularly. Having to purchase their app for both platforms is $56, whereas the free version of LastPass works on all platforms, and you only have to pay $12/year for LastPass if you want to access your passwords with their mobile apps.

Anyway, when I told some people that I was switching to LastPass some of the reactions I received were in regards to the misconception that LastPass is purely web-based. Sure LastPass stores encrypted versions of your passwords on their servers, but if you prefer a desktop-style app for managing your passwords LastPass has an app for that. The LastPass Pocket is a cross-platform app that will let you view, edit, and add passwords to your account without ever touching a browser. As you’d expect it also syncs with your LastPass account so that any changes you make show up on your other devices.

This app shouldn’t be confused with the LastPass Portable for Chrome/Firefox which requires the use of portable browser. LastPass Pocket is a native desktop app that does just about everything you’d want from your password manager. I don’t use it a lot, but when it comes to bulk managing your passwords that kind of stuff is often easier with a native desktop app.

LastPass Downloads (Windows, Mac, Linux; Freeware)

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