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I’m not a huge fan of Adobe Air apps as I have stated countless times in the past, but it seems as though some of the best Twitter clients are all powered by it. The one I am talking about this time around is called DestroyTwitter, and while the interface looks extremely simplistic there are actually a fair number of options that you can customize. Even the theme selection that’s available is impressive given how well each of them were thought out (including ones made specifically for Reddit, Facebook, and Vimeo fans).

if you’re just going off my screenshot above you might be thinking that this is a single-column interface, but you’d only partially be right. You can get to the other columns (Mentions, Search, and Messages) by clicking the appropriate tabs, or you can make the window wider and as it expands those sections will each start to come into view. For most monitors if you made the app full screen you should have no problems viewing all four columns at the same time.

Here is a rundown of some of the other features as highlighted by the developer:

  • Powerful and Lightweight
    DestroyTwitter packs in a ton of features while leaving an unbelievably small footprint. How does memory usage as low as 25mb sound? What about an installer under 1mb?
  • Filter the Noise
    Tired of reading where your friends are? Filter Foursquare/Gowalla and you’re good to go. Someone on a tweeting spree at an event? Filter them or the event’s hashtag.
  • Auto-Complete Usernames
    Anyone who can remember all of their friends’ usernames deserves a trophy. Lucky for you, you only need to know the first few letters.
  • Preferences Galore
    Font too small? Try medium or large. Don’t like icons? Get rid of them. Hate the notification sound? Choose from the five others. Need to read 200 tweets every 30 seconds? Done.

DestroyTwitter Homepage (Windows/Mac/Linux; Freeware)

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