It has tools to clean your hard drive, eliminating unnecessary programs running, protecting the machine against malware, uninstall and clean records uninstalled programs and even solve some registry errors that can happen for shutdown and startup problems in Windows.

Otherwise, you can still monitor the boot time of your system, check the correctness of suspicious files from the internet and also test the speed of your network connection. That is, you have everything you need to keep your computer healthy in the same application. Moreover, there is a central software in which you can download for free a variety of programs






Turn your PC into a rocket
This, despite being one of the main tasks of Baidu PC Faster, not enough to be the main focus of the application. Even so, you can delete programs running on your PC’s RAM and thereby improve the performance of tools that are being used in fact. For this you just need to use the functions in “SpeedUp” and perform a scan on the “One Click SpeedUp ‘.

In this area of ​​improving the performance of the machine, you can even choose which applications are started along with Windows, see how long the system takes to be connected, and check the history recorded by the software




Shining like new
Baidu Faster PC also has a set of tools to keep your PC clean and healthy. In the “Cleaner”, you can delete unnecessary documents from your hard drive, such as temporary files, logs uninstalled programs and some other types.

To do this, you either need to access the specific tab, since the tool is available on the home screen of the program. So you start a quick scan with the “Quick Care” on the first window and takes care of junk files, clean up memory and system problems at the same time.

In the “Toolbox”, you can find all kinds of items to improve the performance of your computer and browsers. You can fix problems accessing sites such as Facebook, repair errors in internet connection, test the speed of this connection, while optimizing system initialization with a few clicks




Basically, all the main tools of Baidu Faster PC are shown here to enhance their interaction with the program. That way, you can see everything you can do with it in one place.

APP Store
If you want to install programs without known surf the internet or do more advanced searches, you can check a list with some selected tools in the famous app store Baidu Faster PC. Here you will find browsers, games, office solutions, and several other tools.

On the left side of the window “APP Store” Baidu PC Faster you can see various categories and thus more easily navigate through the options.


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