Even though Google Chrome is a relatively new browser, it is quickly becoming the benchmark in which other browsers are compared against especially in terms of usability and speed. Chrome is exceptionally fast and easy to use. It is also customizable which enables you to make it more versatile using the following tips:


Use Less Memory


Chrome is a multi-process browser which means that whenever you open a tab, it runs as an individual process which then asks for a detached resource from your computer. You can lessen the memory being used by right clicking on Chrome’s shortcut and choosing Properties. Edit the field named “Target” by adding “–single-process” to it (without the quotes). This lets all tabs operate in a solitary process so you can free up memory.


Launch Chrome with Multiple Pages


If you have numerous favorite websites which you wish to open whenever you start the browser, you can do this by customizing Google Chrome. Click on the wrench icon which you can find on the upper right corner and go to Settings. By default, you are in the Basic tab where you can add the sites that you want to open as you start Chrome.


Drag and Drop


Once you have completed downloading a file or a piece of software, you can simply drag and drop it to the location you want such as in your desktop or another folder. Similarly, if you often use Gmail, you can also do the same with the files you wish to attach on the said email service.


Pin Tab


This is very useful if you have several tabs open. Doing so lets you minimize the space used by the tabs since only the icons will be displayed. To achieve this, right click on the tab and choose Pin Tab.


Reopen Closed Tabs


If you have accidentally closed a tab, you can reopen it again by right clicking on any tab and select the option Reopen Closed Tab. You can also use CTRL+SHIFT+T on your keyboard.




The address bar or Omnibox does not act like your typical address bar. This actually serves as your search engine as well so there is no need to go to your search engine’s website. You only need to type in a keyword or even conversions and calculations directly in it to get the results.


Altering Search Engines


If you have visited websites like Amazon, YouTube, and Facebook, you only need to type in the address and press tab so you can enter the keyword. For instance, type “Facebook” or “Facebook.com” then press tab and type a name or an application found in the site. You will immediately be redirected to the page that you searched for after you hit Enter.


Personalize Chrome


If you use multiple computers, you can create an account and set up your extensions, settings, bookmarks, and themes. This way, when you use another machine, you can simply log in to your account and all your settings will be available.


Google Chrome is an easy-to-manage browser. You can expand its capabilities and make the most out of it by means of using the eight tips given above.


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